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  • Reintroduction


    I started writing again. Hello, world. A cliché. I am guilty. Guilty of not writing, producing, ideating in public. Mea culpa, open admissions, words worthy of an eye-roll emoji. After all, here I am writing. Why, when I didn’t write, did I feel so empty? Why didn’t I fill the emptiness with writing? Here’s a […]

  • I Turned Off AutoCorrect

    I Turned Off AutoCorrect

    Non-reflective, poor-produced, and often hurt-filled or hurt-inspiring gibberish fill the internet — that scares me. I yearn for honesty, quietude, and gratitude but where my realist, the internet, and reflectiveness meet is a depressing space. Despite all this, I write because I love words and how they can inspire, elevate, and invigorate. Then when even my […]

  • My Decompression Chamber in the Compacting City

    My Decompression Chamber in the Compacting City

    New York City, the great compressor of time and space, can also become a compressor of memory. Today I start on a mission to decompress mine.