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  • Modern Art and Spirituality: Hockney

    Hockney’s art takes us beyond the perspectivist reduction which insists our perception is static. What does this mean for Spiritualities?

  • Modern Art and Spirituality: On Kawara

    On Kawara Today

    “Death, if nothing else, is a form of transcendence—particularly from a life spent accounting.” – Holt’s review of On Kawara’s 2015 retrospective at the Guggenheim. The artist died just before the show’s opening. Today April 27, 2018—today. Imagine for a moment you got up each day with two crucial tasks. First, paint the date on canvas […]

  • Modern Art and Spirituality: Turrell


    Lights On Arrival We return, in this post, to one of Taylor’s[2] preferred artists. With Turrell, we enter even more dangerous territory than Warhol, for he is not only very much alive but also vogue. The 2016 blockbuster Arrival, for example, draws on Turrell’s Shallow Spaces for the meeting place between the aliens and humans. Under […]

  • Modern Art And Spirituality: Brâncuși

    The Endless Column

    1. Constantin Brâncuși: The Folksy Artist More than any artists we have met thus far, Constantin Brâncuși grew up poor, his parents peasants. The Romanian would, also, live a life of simplicity, continuing with the habits, cuisine, and religious practices of his forbears. Although versed in philosophy and friends with many names we have already covered, he remained […]