Psalm 19: A Lenten Plea for Wisdom

We need more wisdom in the world. Don’t you agree? Each day it seems wisdom attenuates while various dogmatisms proliferate. At any moment, one suspects the welter of loud opinions might squash wisdom’s whisper. Not so, for wisdom is not a thing or an opinion but a way of being. One which invites us to resensitize ourselves to a way of life rather than an opinion.

Psalm 19 is just such an invitation to reenter the training ground of wisdom. For the Psalmist, wisdom is an attentive exposure not only to the world’s information but also one’s own transformation into God’s way of life. Not that it is easy to remain within the mode of wisdom for it demands humility and love rather than anger and pontification. Wisdom has always been the quiet insistence that listening, seeing, and doing outlasts shouting, ostracising, and posturing. May God help us grow a little wiser each day.

Initially published in a 2019 Lenten Devotional jointly written by parishioners of the link parishes of The Church of St. Stephen with St. John, Westminster, London and The Church of the Holy Trinity, New York City.