I Turned Off AutoCorrect

Non-reflective, poor-produced, and often hurt-filled or hurt-inspiring gibberish fill the internet — that scares me. I yearn for honesty, quietude, and gratitude but where my realist, the internet, and reflectiveness meet is a depressing space. Despite all this, I write because I love words and how they can inspire, elevate, and invigorate. Then when even my writing machine produces a dotted red line or autocorrects me, my thin veneer which imagines I have something worth shares peels.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t write polished prose but to write I need space, flow, and love. Over the past few years, writing has become an interrupted effort, a technical skill, a medium which does not help me articulate. It has become my daimon which cuts me off from saying anything; my daemon which tears me apart.

So, today I took one small step away from the destructive path I have put myself on: I turned off live spelling-check and autocorrect. One small step as January closes which I hope will help me love writing again. Hopefully, this year I can name one more thing blocking me from sharing my whisper in the cacophony called the life. I hope you find what’s holding back your murmur and get rid of something keeping you from sharing whatever your medium is. We need less shouting and more whispers — they teach us to listen and love.