The Dusky Dearth of Listening

One often feels the weight of dusk approaching. Has this day been a success? Was all that needed to be done achieved? Can any calculation even tally such a tall order? Often when such thoughts cross the mind, it quickly wanders off into the abyss of a stream of consciousness. Here, in this simple abeyance at the end of the day is found the horror and freedom of reflection.

Today, we seldom allow ourselves the simple luxury of repose. There is too much to worry about, keep up with, and consume. Who knows, for example, what unknown wonder you have missed by entertaining this blog. Yet, one notices something as the flow of information streams from the touch-sensitive light-box we stroke so religiously. There is seldom something new. We think a media cycle works like a washing machine which instead of cleaning produces new clothes altogether.

So we horde information like children who found a toy-sale. The reflective moment escapes us. No wonder many people flock to leaders who spew forth any nonsense. For how can you be expected to think about the good of the polis, the city, the political, others, if you do not allow yourself a contemplative moment to ask what was good about your day. Such a thoughtless world is bound to end in reactive mudslinging as a dusky dearth of listening overwhelms us.

Featured Image: Artificial Sun by ahermin on DeviantArt